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December 27, 2009 / lawrencebarsanti

6 Reasons to ‘Release Early, Release Often’


Agile methods teach that software should be released as early as possible and updated as often as possible.  This allows users to work with the software so they can provide meaningful feedback that guides future development.  I recently tried this with a plugin that Iā€™m working on and it was quite effective.  The following six responses provided me with several ideas for new features (and one bug) that I would not have come up with on my own. 

Response 1

Works nicely!

You could extend this to include replace, find next etc, and then it would become full regex support within N++ (which is wanted anyway, and will probably happen sometime soon, so not sure how much effort should be put into that).

I like the idea though, I use something similar to test regex’s, doing it in N++ is even better. Not sure what you get access to, but it’d be really nice to show the replacement groups – I often need to see not only that a particular regex matches, but also what \1 and \2 (and maybe \17!!) relate to.

Good job – I’ll try to add it to the plugin manager as soon as I can.


Response 2

Yea, nice one! And I wanna second davegb3 regarding the replacement groups.. that would be useful to see them. Also can’t you just name the buttons "&Match" and "&Clear" for having shortcuts ? Or wouldn’t they work in your dialog anyway ? What’s the regex engine behind ? The one of scintilla ?

Response 3

Hi lbarsanti
Your work is really appreciating one.
I found that Notepad++ is going "Out of Memory" when "*" or "?" is applied.
But it works fine in case of "+".

Response 4

A further suggestion: Make the Matches in the Details-Area clickable (go to them)

And also scroll-bars, that appears in the dialog if necessary? šŸ™‚

Response 5

Is there a chance for the ANSI version?. I use my own private plugin AutomationPHP only the ANSI version because I only have Delphi compiler in this version. Therefore, I would be happy to try your plugin but the ANSI version. regards AK

Response 6

Looks very nice to me now! Regarding N++ eating shortcuts, I think you could simply catch WM_KEYDOWN in your dialog, but your CTRL shortcuts sound even better imho. Also maybe add a helping link or something…



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  1. sorin / Jan 14 2010 7:58 am

    Congrats for you first plugin. Do you know why your plugin is not listed inside the Plugin Manager?

    Plugin Manager should be the right way of deploying your plugin.

  2. lawrencebarsanti / Jan 14 2010 12:20 pm

    sorin thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to get it added on the weekend.

  3. Panthera / Jul 7 2010 9:11 am

    Interesting Delphi/Pascal entries, but i had to llok on your www page to get a RSS link. Congrats for the plugin.

  4. Panthera / Jul 7 2010 9:12 am

    I mean I had to look in your html source file for the rss link. That BTW is for others that want to put your blog in their RSS Reader.

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